frequently asked questions


Are we permitted to take photographs?

Yes, visitors are more than welcome to take photographs during their visit. We only ask that you respect the barriers and boundaries of the museum. Please also allow museum staff and volunteers time to fix their hair and makeup before snapping shots. If you are interested in having graduation, engagement, wedding, or birthday photographs taken in our museum, please call to book this type of photography session.


i have something to donate - how do i do that?

Please call the museum (or stop by during open hours) and speak with one of our staff members before bringing in an article for donation. Due to limited storage room for artifacts we want to ensure that your keepsake is treated with utmost respect and also that it is a good fit with our currrent collection. We can also refer you to other museums or collections that could benefit from your donations.


which aircraft are in your collection?

We feature a wide variety of civilian and military aircraft that spans the entire century of Canadian flight. The one common tie they have is that they have all been integral in Western Canadian aviation history. Currently in the air park we have CT-133, CT-134, CT-114 and CF-105.


what age group does the museum cater to?

Our visitors are very diverse from seniors to children, to everything in between. We invite you to check out our exhibits section to see what the museum offers for people of all ages.


do you have a cafeteria or concession stand?

No, we do not have food services on site.


how long does it take to tour the museum?

That depends largely on the individual. You can rush through if you are pressed for time and focus on the larger exhibits and aircraft or you can take a more leisurely approach and spend a few hours scouring our great exhibits. Typically groups will anticipate staying for about two to three hours.


Do you provide accessibility?

The 226 meter walkway between museums is located on the second floor of the Air Force Gallery. There is currently no elevator installed in the Air Force Gallery. Arrangements can be made for visitors to drive up to the upper museums and make a modified visit. This needs to be arranged at least 24 hours in advance by calling us at (780) 594-3546


can we get inside any of the aircrafts?

Unfortunately visitors cannot enter any of our aircraft due to COVID-19 restrictions.


how do i go about sponsoring the museum and what do i receive in return?

We are a non-profit organization, so we welcome all donations. If you would like to become a sponsor, please visit our sponsor page for more information. There are many benefits and perks that come with becoming a sponsor!