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One Facility Four Museums

Our facility consists of the Air Force Museum, Oil & Gas Museum, Heritage Museum, and the Indigenous Museum.

Air Force Museum

The Cold Lake Air Force Museum is a fully accredited CF Museum that interprets the history of 4 Wing Cold Lake from its inception in 1954 to the present. The galleries portray squadron histories, technologies, stories, and artifacts.  As well, the CLAFM covers the history of 42 Radar Squadron, from 1954 to 1992, when it was relocated to CFB Cold Lake.

Heritage Museum

Step back in time, to learn of life in Cold Lake before World War II. Before the local discovery of oil, before the Air Force arrival, Cold Lake was a land of farmers, fishermen, fur trappers, and loggers who came west for the new opportunities this land of lakes offered.

Indigenous Museum

Cold Lake’s indigenous history dates back long before Europeans came to the North American continent. Here the Dene Suline and Cree Nations shared the resources the lake and surrounding areas had to offer. Artifacts from dream catchers to fishing and trapping gear are mixed in a story line depicting the history of the Dene Suline, Cree Nations and Metis peoples living on the shores of Cold Lake and in the surrounding area

oil and gas Museum

Visit the oil and gas interpretive centre to discover the great developments in the oil sands industry in the Cold Lake area. Learn about the history, geology, production, transportation, and various uses for Cold Lake oil. With the assistance of interactive exhibits, understand why unique technology was developed specifically for the Cold Lake oil sands.