Check our contact page to contact us.

  • Who:
    • Almost anyone can volunteer at the museum. We prefer adults and mature teens but youngsters could come along with parents and help in various ways. At this point, we do not require a criminal record check but that may change in the future.
  • What:
    • Jobs include but are not limited to:
      • Greeting and orientation of visitors when we are open to public
      • Working in the store
      • Giving tours
      • Programming
      • Cataloguing
      • Painting walls, exhibits, etc
      • Cleaning
      • Lawn Mowing
      • Working with staff on special projects- eg cleaning out the Power Plant building; construction of various displays
      • Restoration of various artifacts
    • Where:
      • Work is primarily at the museum but perhaps some outreach workshops and presentations would appeal to a volunteer ie programming
    • When:
      • Mostly in summer months, but possibly during winter months as well
    • Why:
      • While the museum has full-time staff & summer staff, our capacity is limited to our abilities so we sometimes need carpenters or physical help in setting up displays or dealing with various projects- grounds, etc.
    • How:
      • If you are interested in volunteering come talk to us. We are available to meet most days during the week. Call us first 780-594-3546.
      • For Air Force Museum inquiries please talk to Jennifer, for other museum inquiries please ask for Linda.
      • As we have special projects, we will try to post a thorough job description on our website.