1 AMS Time Capsule opened to celebrate 50 years

Today, the Cold Lake Air Force Museum was honoured to host the opening of the 1 AMS Time Capsule, which had been sealed on November 30, 1996 by Lieutenant-Colonel Smyth on behalf of 1 AMS. The capsule had been kept at the museum since 2002, and was opened by Lieutenant-Colonel Gibeau, the CO of 1 AMS. The items inside included small photograph albums, commemorative documents from the 25th Anniversary celebrations of 1 AMS in 1996, lists of personnel at the time, and also some humorous items such as a “Lavatory Paper Survey”. We hope to have some of these items on display at the museum when we open for the season on May 20, 2022. The time capsule will be refilled by 1 AMS at a later date and will be scheduled to open in the year 2046!

Courier News article can be found at https://couriernews.ca/featured-news/1-ams-time-capsule-opened-to-celebrate-50-years/

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